Lesson Programme Structure:

Our lesson programme is designed to cater to swimmers of all skill levels, from non-swimmers to those who are already confident and competent, with a focus on nurturing confidence, technique, and proficiency in the water. We understand that each swimmer has unique needs and goals, which is why our programme offers a comprehensive range of classes tailored to different proficiency levels.

  1. Otters Beginners 1-2: These classes are specifically designed for young learners or individuals who are new to swimming. The focus here is on water acclimatization, building comfort in the water, and introducing fundamental swimming skills. Participants will learn basic water safety, floating techniques, and be introduced to the fundamentals of the competitive strokes. Our experienced instructors create a supportive and encouraging environment to help beginners overcome any apprehensions and develop a love for swimming.

  2. Stroke Development 1-4: As swimmers progress beyond the beginner level, they move into the Stroke Development groups, which consists of four stages, each building upon the skills learned in the previous level:


      Stroke Development 1: In this stage, swimmers begin to learn the competitve strokes, focusing on proper technique and body positioning. Emphasis is placed on improving technical ablility and physical literacy in the water.

    • Stroke Development 2: Participants in this stage continue to build upon their foundational skills, with an increased focus on stroke refinement and developing more advanced techniques. Swimmers will learn breaststroke and butterfly strokes, as well as dive progressions and flip turns. Individualized feedback from instructors helps swimmers hone their technique and improve overall performance.

    • Stroke Development 3: As swimmers advance to this stage, they further refine their strokes and begin to focus on diverse swim skills. Swimmers work on their techn ical ability in all four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Whilst progressing on dives and turns.

    • Stroke Development 4: This stage is designed to help swimmers be ready to transition into competitve swimming or simply wish to continue to develop their skills in the water. Participants further refine their skills within a fun and supportive environment. From here, swimmers will progress into our Junior Development squads.

  3. Our lesson programme is structured to provide a progressive and supportive learning environment, where swimmers of all ages and abilities can thrive. Whether you're taking your first strokes or aiming for the podium, our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you become a confident and proficient swimmer.