2021 Channel Swim



Sadie Lucas, James McClenn, Ben Jackson and Zebina George, four of our incredible Chalfont Otters, swam the English Channel in July 2021 to raise money for #LibertysLegacy, a special fund of the Bone Cancer Research Trust set up in memory of Liberty Schurer, a Chalfont Otter who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma aged 13 and passed away just two weeks after her 14th birthday on 11 October 2017. Libs’ friends were such a huge support to her during her treatment, and she was a loyal friend who loved them back fiercely in return.

Sadie, our Senior Club Captain for 2020, and the rest of the team crossed the channel from Dover to Calais on 20 July 2021, recording a time of 11h 25m, with a support boat from Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation. Sadie, James, Ben and Zebina, we applaud you for your ambition, determination, dedication and effort in pursuing a goal that few could even dream of, and for raising such an enormous sum of money in Libs’ memory. You join an elite group numbering less than 0.015% of the UK population who have achieved such a phenomenal feat.

In their fundraising, Sadie, James, Ben and Zebina raised an amazing £20,000 for Liberty’s Legacy, as part of fundraising in Libs’ memory that now totals an astonishing half a million pounds for research into Ewing’s sarcoma.

We are immensely proud of Sadie and the rest of the team for such an astounding achievement, and as a club will never forget Liberty Schurer whose love, laughter and smile inspires both our past and current Chalfont Otters. Our swimmers wear swimming hats emblazoned with Liberty’s Legacy yellow ribbon to remind them of her and put the same strength and determination she showed into reaching their goals.

Matt Cottle-Shaw, Head of Fundraising and Communications at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:


We are incredibly grateful to Sadie, James, Zebina and Ben for taking on such a massive and incredible challenge. The amount these wonderful friends have already raised is simply outstanding and will make a huge difference to bone cancer patients and their families. With friends like Sadie, James, Zebina and Ben, Liberty will never be forgotten, and her legacy continues to help us work towards finding a cure for Ewing sarcoma.