Technical Officials

Our technical officials are overseen by our our officials secretary, James Glazebrook ([email protected]). Contact James or the club secretary ([email protected]) if you are interested in becoming a technical official.

Timekeepers are a vital part of helping the club deliver galas and events.  The role of timekeepers is to accurately determine the time taken by each swimmer in the event as the formal measure of the swimmers' performance. Final placement of the swimmers in each event is determined by their times and finish order. Therefore, precision and accuracy are important for timekeepers. Timekeepers work in collaboration with the Chief Timekeeper and the Recorder to record times at licensed meets.
Chief Timekeeper
The Chief Timekeeper is responsible for ensuring that the Timekeepers perform their duties correctly. They ensure the timekeepers have the necessary equipment to perform their duties and have overall responsibility for Timekeepers throughout the gala.
Lane Judge
The Lane Judges are responsible for inspecting turns in their allocated lane. Lane Judges include Stroke Judges at the sides of the pool who observe swimmers and ensure they conform to the laws of strokes, and Turn Judges who observe swimmers at the ends of each lane to ensure swimmers conform to ASA laws at   starts, turns, relay takeovers and finishes.   They must know the ASA Rules and be able to apply them uniformly, and observe swimmers to verify that their strokes and turns meet the rules. When rules are broken, they report the infringement to the Chief Inspector of Turns.
Chief Inspector of Turns
The Chief Insepctor of Turns provides a link between the Inspectors of Turns and the Referee. The Referee depends on the Chief Inspector of Turns regarding any infringements reported by the lane judges. The Chief Inspector of Turns is responsible for ensuring that the lane judges fulfil their duties correctly throughout the event, and for conveying any potential infractions to the Referee immediately.
The Recorder is responsible for checking the timings and results of times/placings in each event, recording and logging results. Their role is to ensure the accuracy of the results and to bring potentially-anomalous results to the attention of the referee. When the event uses electronic timing (Automatic Officiating Equipment, AOE), the Recorder sets up the equipment and conducts pre-race testing, and operates the equipment during the meet.
The Referee is the person with overall responsibility for all matters relating to the competition. This is the highest level of qualification in British Swiming and combines theory sessions, an exam and assessed practical sessions. The referee has full control over the event, all officials, and is responsible for enforcing rules and decisions and deciding all questions relating to the conduct of the competition meet. Referees' decisions are final. The Referee also has responsibility for health and safety during the event. Swimmers depend on the Referee to apply and uphold the laws of the sport in a fair and equitable manner and to ensure that other officials discharge their duties properly.
Marshalls and poolside helpers
Race marshalls and poolside helpers work on poolside, escorting swimmers for each race from the reporting area to the start of their race and helping the overall event run smoothly.