Overseas swim camps

Our overseas swimming camps are an important part of the club's development programme, and for many swimmers is a highlight of life as an Otter. Over the past nine years we have delivered six overseas swim camps, giving almost 150 swimmers aged 9 and upwards a unique opportunity to develop their swimming in world-class Mediterranean swimming facilities.


Devon 2023

In October 2023, 26 swimmers attended our UK swim camp at Mount Kelly, Devon, enjoying six days' intensive long-course pool training, land training, social activities and a huge amount of fun!


Crete 2022

Our first post-Covid swim camp took place in Crete in October 2022. Twenty-seven of our senior swimmers took part in a warm-weather swim camp over six days in a long-course Olympic pool on the north coast of Crete.


Mallorca 2019

For our sixth international warm-weather training camp, we changed destination again, this time taking 30 athletes, three coaches and four team managers to Mallorca to return to the world renowned BEST Centre in the beautiful town of Colonia Sant Jordi on the most southerly tip of Mallorca, where we enjoyed six days’ intensive long-course pool training combined with land training and social activities.



Torremolinos 2018 #teamotters

Our fifth warm-weather overseas training camp was held over the course of six days in October 2018, investing in 36 of our elite swimmers with intensive pool training in a long-course pool, land training and team building exercises throughout the week. Our squads returned to gain several personal best times in competitions following the camp.


Cyprus 2017 #trainhard #swimfast#progress

Our fourth warm-weather training camp was held in Cyprus, from 23-29 October 2017, with twelve two-hour long-course training sessions, clocking up 65km over the course of six days in a fantastic 50m, 10-lane outdoor Olympic-standard pool. For this camp we were joined by our friends at Chesham Swimming Club, investing in the development of 27 swimmers drawn from the elite squads across the two clubs.